Visiting the Blue Lagoon

When you think about visiting Iceland, there is no doubt that visiting Blue Lagoon is on your bucket list. This is one of the most popular destinations in Iceland, and there is a good reason for it; relaxation. There are some things to know before you go, but I promise it is well worth the trip… unless you don’t like feeling relaxed and refreshed at the end of the day.

Getting There

The Blue Lagoon is located only 20 minutes from the airport, and about 45 minutes from Reykjavik. If you don’t have a car to drive there, no worries! There are buses that will take you to and from either location. Another nice thing about visiting is you can check your luggage in at the front desk if you just have a layover or if you are on our way to the airport and are only visiting the Blue Lagoon.

visiting the Blue Lagoon


Buy Tickets in Advance

Booking your visit in advance is required when visiting the Blue Lagoon. There are four packages you can choose from, and a lot of the time full days are sold out weeks in advance. As soon as you book your trip, I recommend booking your tickets to this attraction as well.

Cost of Visiting

As I mentioned earlier, there are four packages you can choose from, and they range from $60 to $500. Obviously, that is a huge difference and I myself stuck to the least expensive package, which was completely comfortable. If you want to save money, just bring your own towel, and choose the least expensive package. You will have access to the lockers, as well as entrance to the Blue Lagoon. If you want a more luxurious day, you can spend more money and enjoy an in water massage, the restaurant, or algae mask. True relaxation at its finest.


Before I visited, I heard a lot of different rumors about the locker situation. The truth is as follows, you are supposed to shower completely naked (NO BATHING SUIT) before entering the water. This means washing your body and your hair, but you are supplied with both shampoo and soap. HOWEVER, while there are bathroom attendants, nobody was getting yelled at for showering with their bathing suit on. There are also some shower stalls with doors, and some without, so if you truly feel uncomfortable showering in front of people just wait for a shower stall with a door to open.

Keep in mind that nobody is judging or watching you when you are changing in front of them, and every single person is a little self-conscious. Just take a deep breath and know everything will be fine.


drinks visiting the Blue Lagoon

Enjoying a poolside beer!


Poolside Extras

When you check in, you are given a bracelet. This bracelet is very useful because you just scan it when you want to buy something poolside, and pay when you are leaving. There is no need to carry around a card or worry about how to keep your cash dry with this handy bracelet.

If you lose the bracelet, you do have to pay for it, so be careful! The poolside extras include a wonderful algae mask, drinks, and even waterproof phone cases in case you forgot yours. Trust me, you will use your bracelet, so take it with you, and don’t just leave it somewhere outside the pool.

Mask Bar

My favorite part of the experience was the swim up mask bar. No matter what package you buy, an unlimited amount of silica is available to you. I only used it on my face, but there were plenty of people slathering it onto their entire bodies. Why not go for gold when visiting?

There is also an algae mask. If you purchase the basic package, this mask is not included in the price, but you can use your handy bracelet to purchase it for only $4. I decided to purchase this, and am so happy that I did. I love face masks, and this was the best one I have ever used! Seriously… it is that great. Keep in mind that you have to do the algae mask after the silica mask, and it should be left on for about 10 minutes.


visiting the Blue Lagoon group

Our group!


How Much Time to Spend at the Blue Lagoon

The group I was with spent 2 hours, but you can easily spend more than that, especially if you are eating at the restaurant, or getting a massage. The lagoon is pretty big as well, so make sure that you walk around to all of the corners. Heading out of the main area will also lead to some perfect picture opportunities where there are fewer people.

Waterproof Phone Case/Camera

This is an absolute MUST when you are visiting, and silly me, I didn’t bring one! You will want to be able to take pictures when there because it is so beautiful. If you do end up forgetting your waterproof phone case, they have some you can buy for $30, but do yourself a favor and make packing one a priority.



Blue Lagoon Hair

Another popular misconception is that the Blue Lagoon will completely ruin your hair if it gets in the water. While your hair may become stiff if it gets wet without any protection, it will not ruin it. The key to keeping your hair healthy is slathering it with conditioner before entering the pool, and leaving it in. DO NOT RINSE IT OUT. I did this and had no problem at all with my hair, which did get wet.

Skin Protection

Protecting your skin is something you should always be doing, so make sure to put some sunscreen on before entering. I didn’t even think of this and ended up getting sunburned. A little SPF will go a long way.

Some Fun Facts

• This is not a natural hot spring, it is a manmade lagoon. Most people think it is completely natural, when in fact it was created by accident!
• The water temperature is about 100°F year round. It feels amazing.
• The active ingredients in the pool are silica, algae, and lots of minerals (which is why your hair came become stiff after a visit without protection!)

The Blue Lagoon is a must visit attraction when you head to Iceland. I spent 2 hours there, and felt completely relaxed and refreshed when we left. Make sure to let the silica melt all of your worries away.