Prague Travel Diary: 24 Hours in Prague

I headed to Prague after Birmingham and unfortunately I had less than 24 hours in Prague before I headed back home. I didn’t let that stop me from enjoying my time there though. When I arrived to Prague, it was already getting dark, and by the time I got to my hotel to drop off my luggage, it was completely dark.

I decided to call a cab to go to The Charles Bridge and Old Towne since those are the main attractions to see in Prague. My driver dropped me off at the bridge, and I walked across it into Old Towne. The bridge was massive, and gorgeous. As you walk across it, there are statues to both the left and the right, and the views along the water are great as well.

prague statue

Old Towne Prague

After I made it across Charles Bridge, I just kind of wondered into Old Towne. It was stunning. Once again there were statutes everywhere you turned, and the architecture of the buildings was really amazing to see. I walked right to the Astronomical clock. It’s one of the most famous of its kind, and that was really cool. Every hour on the hour there is a little show, and when I got there one had just happened. I decided to go have some dinner and come back to see it.

prague architecture

The Walk of the Apostles

The show is a really short thing, but something that you should see. All that happens is on the hour, the two little windows open up and show the 12 Apostles.  It is called, “The Walk of the Apostles”. What stood out to me the most about the show was there was a skeleton that was ringing the bell, or striking the time.

After the show, I walked around a little more and did some shopping. It would be the only time I would be able to while in Prague. After my shopping was done, I headed back to the hotel to get some sleep before my 7am flight. Just like that, my solo Europe trip is over. I am so sad, but I had the most amazing time, and I truly believe every single person should travel solo at least once in their life.