Tips for a Trip to Fenway Park

Baseball season is officially here, and my favorite team is none other than the Boston Red Sox! This team is about as American as it gets. Even if you’re a Yankee fan (boo!), you can still appreciate what Fenway has to offer. After all, it is the oldest park in Major League Baseball, so you know it has some amazing stories. The team has an even more amazing fan base that is always supportive, through curses and all which will make your trip to Fenway Park a memorable one.

When planning a trip to the East Coast of the United States, make sure to plan a visit to Fenway, and below you will find some tips for when you do visit.

Fenway park crowd


  • Prepare for Crowds

Traveling to Fenway on a game day means almost 40,000 other people are trying to get there as well. Try to keep calm and be patient when dealing with crowds on your way there, because no matter if you take the T, drive, or a cab, there will be lots of people, and even more traffic. If you end up deciding on the T, I will give you bonus points! It is so crowded on game days it isn’t even funny, but it is an experience that I think everybody should have at least once in their life.


  • Don’t have a ticket? No problem!

Do you want to visit Fenway for a game, but don’t have a ticket? No need to worry! There are a couple of different ways to buy a ticket before the game starts. Just like any big sporting event or concert, there will always be scalpers ready to sell you a ticket or two. There is also an area called “Scalp Free Zone” where about 90 minutes before a game is set to start fans will sell the tickets they can’t use to other fans at face value. This section is monitored by Red Sox employees near Gate C, so you can trust these tickets.

Another way to get a ticket on Game day is to be at Gate E 90 minutes before the game starts.  Fenway has a number of tickets that are not released until game day, and these are where you get them! The tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, and they always sell out. Once you purchase the ticket, you have to enter the park right away, so make sure everyone in your party is with you at the time of purchase.


Fenway Park Sign


  • Autograph Alley

Want to get an autograph from one of the players? Well that’s pretty hard to do, but you are able to get autographs of retired Red Sox players before each home game. The location does change from time to time, but it is mainly held on Yawkey Way in the team store. You never know who will be there, but no matter who it is, at least you can you got someone’s autograph from the team.


  • Sweet Caroline

What’s a Red Sox game without a little Neil Diamond? The answer is not a real Red Sox game! During the middle of the 8th inning get ready to get up and dance and sing your heart out. I mean can you really resist it? “Sweet Caroline… ba, ba, bahm”


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  • Fenway Franks

What do you eat while at Fenway? A  Fenway Frank! No trip to the park is complete without one.  They sell over 1 million of these each season, so they have to be pretty good.


  • One Lone Red Chair

When you go to Fenway, you’ll notice that all of seats in the park are green, except for one. This lone red chair is located in the right field bleachers, and it is there to mark the longest home run ever hit at Fenway! How cool is that?! One day I’ll have to sit in that seat during a game.


  • The Curse of Bambino

Some fans just laugh this off, and others take this curse very seriously.  Whatever way you view it, you’re bound to hear about it from someone. The curse lasted from 1918-2004, a total of 86 years, and started when they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. During this period, the Red Sox didn’t win any World Series titles despite having been one of the more successful teams in the years prior. No matter how long the curse lasted though, true Red Sox fans stuck by our team, and would do it all over again.


Fenway park field


  • Rats

Yup, you read that right. Throughout Fenway you may run into rats, and not just any normal rats, gigantic rats. The first time I saw one I couldn’t believe how big they were! Don’t be too alarmed if you see some during your visit, there have been a lot of rat infestations found around the park, so they are somewhat unavoidable.


  • The Green Monster

You know the big green wall in the left field at Fenway? That’s the Green Monster! It has a scoreboard on it, which is still updated manually by hand, and now you can even enjoy a game from the top of the wall. If you are trying to catch a game from here, expect to pay at least $200 per ticket.

Another way to see the Green Monster, and sometimes be able to go inside of it, is to take a tour of Fenway. If you decide to do this option, you’ll only pay about $30.00 for the tour (game not included).


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  • Wally

The official mascot for the Boston Red Sox is Wally the Green Monster, and he is so cute! When you visit Fenway you will be able to catch Wally walking through the stands, and maybe even get a photo with him. If you don’t get a chance to see him during the game, there are a couple of statues throughout the park that are perfect photo opportunities.


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The Boston Red Sox are a beloved American baseball team, and Fenway Park is about as historic as it gets in Major League Baseball. I highly recommend a trip to this park if you are ever in or near the Boston area. I would love to hear your experience if you’ve ever been to Fenway, and what your favorite part of visiting was.


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