A Look Back at My 2017 Adventures

A Look Back at My 2017 Adventures

365 Days

Dozens of New Friends

12 Destinations

9 Countries

3 Continents

Countless Adventures

If you would have told me how amazing this year would be for me in 2016, I would have never believed you. I have always talked about travel and seeing the world, but 2017 was my year to take action. I dove deep into the world of travel blogging and I took advantage of some amazing travel deals. I was adventurous, impulsive, and welcoming to new opportunities.  I can definitely say it paid off. 2017 was a roller coaster to say the least… it was a year full of happiness, love, heartbreak, excitement, and challenges, but most of all it was a year that I truly found myself.

I narrowed down my thousands of pictures to just 35 of my favorites to look back on. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe a little wanderlust will ignite inside of you as well.


Paris, France


Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Brussels, Belgium 


All Over Ireland




Prague, Czech Republic


Beijing, China


Las Vegas, Nevada


Reykjavik, Iceland 


Edinburgh, Scotland


Tucson, Arizona


Orlando, Florida


Cheers to 2017, and hello 2018!

Bon Voyage!

2 thoughts on “A Look Back at My 2017 Adventures

  1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a great 2018 as well! Can’t wait to follow your adventures this year.

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