Halloween Horror Nights 2016

Halloween Horror Nights or HHN as I refer to it, is hosted by Universal Studios at all four theme parks, Hollywood, Orlando, Singapore, and Japan. This year, I attended HHN at Universal Studios Hollywood, and loved my experience. I have gone to HHN in the past, but it has never been my favorite haunt to visit. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed every year that I have gone, but this year it was by far my favorite haunt to attend! They change the mazes and scare zones every year, and this year’s Halloween Horror Nights brought out all of the classic scary movies, plus some awesome new ones. If you are brave enough to attend, make sure to read up all about the fun I had at Halloween Horror Nights 2016.

Knott’s Scary Farm 2016

I have visited Knott’s Scary Farm in the past, and it has always been a great place to go for celebrating the Halloween season while getting a good scare. Knott’s Scary Farm is the biggest haunt in terms of things to do. There are 14 rides, 9 mazes, 5 scare zones, 4 Skeleton Key rooms, and 2 shows for you to choose from, way more than you would be able to do in one night. Luckily, I was able to attend two nights, Friday October 14th, and Saturday October 15th, but I still wasn’t able to do everything! What I was able to do was great, so here is everything you need to know for your next visit to Knott’s Scary Farm.

Review: Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2016

If you are in Southern California during October, The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is a must do. I have attended this haunt event in the past, and it has always been at the top of my list, but this year I was lucky enough to be able to attend the media preview for Dark Harbor on September 29th.
Attending the media preview gave me a different perspective on Dark Harbor. I was able to walk through the mazes when there wasn’t a crowd and take everything in before it ever got busy. On the other hand, the mazes are extremely scary when you are the only one walking through them, so it was nice that I was also able to stay and play when the crowds arrived there as well. If you are thinking of attending Dark Harbor, here is everything you will want to know!

Scare LA

Ghosts, and goblins, and ghouls, oh my! This was what I was thinking as I was walking through The Pasadena Convention Center to attend Scare LA over the weekend of August 6th. Scare LA was like a world I had never been in before, it was filled with all things Halloween. People were dressed as characters I knew, as well as some I had never seen. There were a lot of witches, and a lot of Elvira’s, and at least one Glinda in the crowd as well. Everywhere you looked was Halloween, whether it was merchandise being sold, or a class being held. If you’re a Halloween lover, pay attention, because I’m going to tell you everything about Scare LA you would want to know!