Buckelew Farm’s Terror in the Corn

The Entrance to Buckelew Farm

The Entrance to Buckelew Farm

Bon Voyage with Bri has opened up my eyes to a lot of events and destinations that I never even knew about in the past. I am so thankful that I have done more research due to my blog. I’ve found so many wonderful gems like Buckelew Farm! I came across this farm while researching Halloween events for 2016 in Tucson, AZ.  In October they hold a Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze, as well as a haunt event at night called Terror in the Corn. This past Saturday I attended both events, and had so much fun. If you are in the Tucson area, make sure to take a trip down to Buckelew Farm and enjoy some October festivities.


Pricing for the Pumpkin Festival and Terror in the Corn are separate. The Pumpkin Festival is $10.00, and includes entry, parking, wagon rides for pumpkin picking, corn mazes, and lots of fun activities for children and families to enjoy.


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The pricing for Buckelew Farm’s Terror in the Corn includes the corn maze, and is $25.00 per person. A fast pass is also an option to consider for $30.00; this will give you priority admission into Terror in the Corn, as lines do get long.

If your group would just like to walk through the corn maze, the price is $15.00, and you can go as many times as you want.

Pumpkin Festival


activities at Buckelew Farm pumpkins at Buckelew Farm


The Pumpkin Festival at Buckelew Farm is a really fun event to do during the day; it is open from 10am-5pm. You can enjoy food, drinks, and all types vendors selling many different item.  There are a lot of activities for children to enjoy, which makes it a great family outing. Some of the activities include a King of The Mountain for the kids to conquer, face painting, and pumpkin painting. They also have jumping castles, a zip line, and lots of other activities. There is a petting zoo which is free of charge, but they do accept donations (for the local 4H Club), and pony rides as well. Another section of the festival is paintball where you shoot at zombies! It is an extra fee, but definitely a good time!

Wagon Rides

The main part of the festival is the wagon rides. A tractor pulls a group of people down to where the pumpkin patch is, and allow you to roam around until you find the perfect pumpkin. It is so fun to walk around there; almost like a pumpkin scavenger hunt with so many pumpkins to choose from. They are very reasonably priced too, only .50 cents/lb. Personally, I was able to find a wonderful 16.1 pound pumpkin that is perfect.



Corn Maze

The Buckelew Farm corn maze is a really fun Halloween activity to do with family and friends. There are three different levels, a 10 minute, 20 minute, and 30 minute option. I went with my mom, and it took us about 40 minutes to get through the 20 minute maze (but we were definitely just taking our time). There were other things to do than just walk through it; within the corn maze there are 12 different checkpoints. These were awesome because it was somewhat of a way to know you were on the right track. Along with the checkpoints there were 2 other activities to do including, farm tracks game, and a farm scene investigation game.


corn maze at Buckelew Farm


Terror in the Corn

To be perfectly honest, I had absolutely no clue what to expect for this event. I didn’t know if there was just one maze with scare actors, or multiple mazes, but it turned out to be way different than I expected. Terror in the Corn wasn’t just one maze, or multiple mazes, but more of a mixture of the two. You just start and go from one maze to another without taking any breaks in between.

Our group went in, and it took about 45 minutes to get through. I am pretty sure I was scared that entire 45 minutes because they had some really great scares! There was also a variety of themes throughout all of the mazes. One was on a school bus, one was a circus theme, and there was even one what looked like an asylum. I am not positive on how many different mazes there were since it was one big one, but there had to be at least 7 different zones. The corn was also an amazing place for the scare actors to hide.





Keep in mind that this haunt is in a corn field. There is dirt, uneven ground, stairs in almost every section, and a lot of bending over to walk through certain obstacles. The haunt is not wheel chair accessible, and it is also really scary, so use discretion for taking children through. This part of the haunt doesn’t open up until the sun goes down.


Clothing Recommendations

Whether you go to Buckelew Farm for the Pumpkin Festival, or to get scared at Terror in the Corn, expect to get dirty. I wore sandals and a romper for both events, and when I got home, dirt was literally caked onto my feet and legs, and you couldn’t even see the original color of my sandals – they just looked like they were made of dirt! I would definitely suggest wearing closed toed shoes and clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty in – there is no need for dressing up.

While I made it through Terror in the Corn comfortably, it would have been much better in tennis shoes or even boots considering some of the terrain we had to walk through. Also keep in mind that we are in Arizona, and sunscreen is an absolute must when attending due to being outdoors the entire time.



Overall, the October events that Buckelew Farm host are so much fun, and worth going to get a nice pumpkin, and a good scare! The food is good, the activities are fun, and the pumpkins are perfect. It is also a very family friendly atmosphere, so make sure to bring the entire family for a fun time.

For more information please visit www.buckelewfarm.com


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