10 Reasons Why Every Female Should Travel Solo

When I booked my trip to Europe and told people I would be traveling alone, the first thing I heard was “Have you seen Taken”? While I have seen the movie, I do believe that solo female travel can be done in a safe manner. Even in the crazy world we are living in today. Scary things happen all over the world, whether it is in a new destination, or our own backyard. But that is no reason to stop you from traveling and learning about different cultures. As long as you use common sense, stay alert, and do some research on your destination, you will have the time of your life.

Following are 10 reasons why every female should travel solo!


  1. You Can Do What You Want

Traveling with family and/or friends is great, but sometimes the planning can be a hassle. Everyone has a different picture of what the perfect destination is. And it’s hard to get everybody in a group to be happy with doing the same activity. When traveling solo you can do what you want when you want. Plus, you have the freedom to make your own decisions.

the beach female solo travel

I love the beach!

  1. Meeting New People

When traveling solo, you are almost forced to have to talk to people more. As humans we all need to have some contact with others, so meeting new people is a lot easier. You may go to a pub and end up with a brand new group of friends just from asking one question! That one person in the bar could end up becoming your new best friend, travel companion, or even spouse. Just keep an open mind!


  1. You Will Learn to Make Decisions

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a decision. When traveling solo, you don’t have anyone else to rely on to make decisions for you. You can decide where to stay, what to eat, or what activities you should do. Because of this, you will have to make decisions so you don’t just stay in your hotel room all day doing nothing. Trust me; you’ll be a pro by the end of your trip!

Hiking in Idaho female solo travel

Hiking in Idaho

  1. You Will Learn About Yourself

Traveling solo means you have a lot of time to yourself. This means you can think more, listen to your body, and discover things that you never knew. Due to all this time, you will be able to learn things you never thought about before. You may even become a happier person because of your discoveries.


  1. You Feel Empowered

As mentioned above, when traveling solo you have to rely on your own decisions. When making so many, you really start to feel empowered by everything you are doing. There is no relying on anybody else, and this is something I have learned to love.

Somewhere in Montana female solo travel

Somewhere in Montana

  1. Budget! You Can Stick To It.

You can actually stick to your budget! Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t while traveling in a group. But it does make staying within your budget easier when you travel solo. You know exactly how much you want to spend, and you can make all of your plans based on this without feeling peer pressure.


  1. You Can Be Spontaneous!

Everything circles back to not having anyone to answer to other than you. Traveling solo means if you are invited to go on a yacht to Italy for a couple of days, you can with no questions asked! Planning is a huge part of staying safe while traveling, but some of the best travel memories I have are from doing something last minute. You never know who you may run into!

  1. You Will Become Homesick

This may not sound like a good thing, but when you travel solo you are alone with no family or friends. Sure you can call, but it is inevitable that at some point on your trip you will become homesick.  In the end this will help you appreciate home more. When you return, your bed will feel more comfortable. And you will hug your family and friends a little tighter because you now know what it’s like to not have them by your side 24/7.

Enjoying a Griz Game!

Enjoying a Griz Game!

  1. You Will Be Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone

When you’re home it is easy to settle into somewhat of a routine, but when you travel, there really is no routine. There are new customs, different foods, and a whole different perspective on life.  You will have to reach out of your comfort zone a little bit and that is a good thing to do. You’ll never know what you can accomplish if you don’t allow yourself to try something new.


  1. You Will Appreciate the Little Things

Traveling can be hectic at times, and every now and then something will happen to make you appreciate the little things in life. Maybe you can’t access your bank account, or you don’t have free access to a public bathroom, or clean running water. This will really put things into perspective. Seeing the world will show you that you should be thankful for everything you have. You will look at everything a little different when you return home.

Glacier National Park solo female travel

Glacier National Park

Solo female travel is an adventure in itself, but there are so many benefits to doing it! It may be scary when you are first planning your trip, but once you step off the plane and realize you are in a beautiful country with complete freedom to make your own decisions, you will be so happy you made the decision. Just remember to stay alert, use common sense, and plan in advance so that you will stay safe no matter if you are traveling in a group or by yourself.  But the most important thing to do is let loose and make some memories that will last a lifetime.