My Travel Diaries: The Last Days of Scotland and Iceland

My Travel Diaries: The Last Days of Scotland and Iceland
Day 2 in Edinburgh was my day to delve into the world of Harry Potter. Kyra went on a tour of the Highlands, but I wanted to spend another day in the city to explore and be a solo traveler. Edinburgh is the birthplace of Harry Potter, and as soon as you arrive in the city you can see inspiration everywhere. I truly felt like I was in the world of Harry Potter.
I started out by walking to the Elephant House which is the café that J.K. Rowling sat in to write the book. The café was really cute, and I made sure to have a hot chocolate because it was a rainy day. The café overlooks Greyfriars Cemetery, which was my next stop. Once again, you can tell where the inspiration came from in this cemetery, from names of characters to the backdrop for some pretty epic scenes in the movie. Right behind the cemetery is George Heriot’s School which is believed to be her inspiration for Hogwarts.
Along my do it yourself walking tour, I stopped in a lot of local shops. There are so many Harry Potter shops around Edinburgh, so make sure to stock up on all your memorabilia when you visit! I then visited Frankenstein which is a famous pub, themed around the famous scientist and his creature. It was a cool place to visit, enjoy a good beer and show. After the pub, I headed back to my apartment to wait for Kyra to return. A little later on, Kyra and I met at an Irish pub called Finnegan’s Wake to enjoyed live music and baby Guinness.

Baby Guinness!

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