My Travel Diaries: Galway, My Last Days of Ireland

My Travel Diaries: Galway, My Last Days of Ireland

After Killarney, we headed to Galway, and visited the Cliffs of Moher along the way. The Cliffs were breathtaking, and very windy. We had about two hours at the cliffs, which was plenty of time to walk up, get some great pictures, eat lunch, and do some shopping. After the Cliffs of Moher, we continued our journey to Galway, which is located on the West coast of Ireland. Galway is a really cute city that is situated right on the water. Our tour guide had told us that when in Galway people will just randomly come up and talk to you because they are so friendly, and that was 100% true. Everywhere you went, whether it was shopping, just walking down a street, or at a bar, people would just come up to you.

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The main street in Galway reminded me of a smaller and cleaner Freemont Street in Vegas. There were drunk people everywhere and a lot of street performers – some great, and some not so great, but it was fun to walk around. A lot of people from our group ended up doing a pub crawl, where we were able to see some really cool bars that the city had to offer.

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The next morning we headed to The Aran Islands, which is composed of 3 islands. We visited Inishmore, the biggest of the islands, and to get to there, you have to take about a 1 hour drive from Galway, and then take a 45 minute ferry. The ferry ride was really rough for some of the people riding it; I personally love boat rides, especially when we’re hitting the waves and rocking side to side, but that’s because I am really lucky with not having to deal with motion sickness (fingers crossed and knocking on wood that will continue!). Once we got to the island, it was absolutely gorgeous. A bus picked us up and drove us around some of the sights of the island that made them popular.

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At one point the bus dropped us off for a couple of hours to walk up to Dún Aengus which is a 2000 year old fort that is set atop a cliff. We were very lucky with the weather, it only rained a little, but the stones were still very slippery. Going up wasn’t so bad, but walking down was a little bit scary. My knee is pretty much healed, but I was still terrified I was going to slip and reinjure it, luckily though everyone made it down safe and sound. After the cliff, we had lunch and did some shopping where I went crazy with wool! Ireland is famous for its wool, and the Aran Islands are where a lot of the products are produced, so I am happy that I waited to buy my wool products from the actual place where it’s produced.

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After we returned from the islands, everyone got ready for our farewell dinner. I can’t believe that my tour of Ireland has already come to an end, and that I have to say goodbye to so many amazing people that I have met on this tour. I know that I will return to Ireland one day, and that I will also see some of the friends I have met again on another adventure, but it is still really hard to say goodbye.

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