Fueling Wanderlust: 20 Photos to Make You Want to Visit Iceland

Oh, Iceland… the amount of beauty this country has is absolutely insane. Iceland is known as the “Land of Fire and Ice”, and as soon as you visit, you will understand why. There are volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls for days!
If you are in need of a vacation that is relaxing and full of fresh air and nature, then this should be your next destination. Along with the natural beauty, the people are friendly, the food is good, and the activities you can do are so fun!

A Look Back at My 2017 Adventures

If you would have told me how amazing this year would be for me in 2016, I would have never believed you. I have always talked about travel and seeing the world, but 2017 was my year to take action. I dove deep into the world of travel blogging, and I took advantage of some amazing travel deals. I was adventurous, impulsive, and welcoming to new opportunities, and I can definitely say it paid off. 2017 was a roller coaster to say the least… it was a year full of happiness, love, heartbreak, excitement, and challenges, but most of all it was a year that I truly found myself.

My Travel Diaries: Chanel Bags and Squat Toilets

China is really an amazing country, but it is such a hard country to adjust to, especially coming from the states where we have the luxury of using toilets that you can sit on. I knew coming here that squat toilets were the norm, but I guess I didn’t think I would actually ever use one. I was definitely wrong with that assumption.

It all started by going to the Temple of Heaven. The temple is inside a huge park, and you either pay 10 yuan just to walk around the park or 28 yuan to walk the park and go inside the temple.

My Travel Diaries: Welcome to Ireland

My first couple of days in Ireland are over, but it has been so much fun! I flew into Dublin, met the group that I would be on tour with, went to a lot of pubs, saw some amazing live music, and was blown away by the beauty of Dublin. Once I landed, I met with my tour group, we transferred to our hostel, and immediately went to get some food because everyone was starving. Our tour guide had made some suggestions as to where to go, and we ended up eating at The Brazen Head, which is a pretty famous 800 year old pub and apparently the oldest pub in Ireland.

My Travel Diaries : The Grand Place in Brussels

After Amsterdam I made my way to Brussels. I knew I wanted to try their chocolate, waffles, and beer, but hadn’t done too much research on where I wanted to actually go and see while in Brussels. When I got there, I kept reading about The Grand Place, so I decided that’s what I wanted to do. Instead of just walking straight there I decided I would take a walk and see where I ended up. It had snowed the night that I got in, so the next morning when I was ready to leave the sidewalks were covered in ice and it was really hard to walk.