My Travel Diaries: Finally in Amsterdam!

I finally arrived in Amsterdam on 12/30, which was great because it gave me the chance to get used to the city and where things were before New Years Eve. I had booked a Lights Festival Canal Cruise for 8:45pm on 12/30; however, with all of the delays I didn’t think I would make it on time. But, I was in line to board the boat at 8:43pm, no joke. The cruise was really fun. It was open boat and really cold, but they had mulled wine to sip on to stay warm. It was my first time ever trying mulled wine, and it was delicious!! After the cruise I went back to my Airbnb and started planning what I wanted to do the following day.

My Travel Diaries : Trying to get to Amsterdam by Train

Oh my gosh. The last two days have not been the greatest for me. First I had a not so magical day at Disneyland Paris, and now I am in the middle of a mess to get to Amsterdam. I was really excited to travel by train, but it’s not looking so hot at the moment. I started my day by taking an Uber to the station because I didn’t want to deal with my luggage on the metro again headed to somewhere I didn’t know. My uber driver missed where to drop me off twice, and it was at Charles-Degaul Airport TGV so it took a while to get back around. Thankfully I left early and gave myself plenty of time because I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first train ride.

50 Things I am Looking Forward to During My Europe Trip

My Europe trip is finally near! I am officially in the double digits – with only 99 days to go until I jet off to Europe for 3 weeks! It seriously feels like I just booked my trip, but time has flown by and I am excited to share with you the 50 things that I am looking forward to during my trip to Europe! So here we go!