Colorado Springs, My Ultimate Bucket List

I recently took a trip to Colorado Springs, and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was! This trip was not something I booked for pleasure, so the only free day I had while there was Sunday. This made it really hard to see and do everything that I wanted to, and on top of my time constraint, it was snowing the entire time which meant a lot of attractions were closed! Even though I wasn’t able to do a lot of things, I can’t wait to return to this beautiful place, and explore everything! So, in no particular order, here is my ultimate bucket list for visiting Colorado Springs!

13 Reasons You Should Skip the Strip, and Give Downtown Vegas a Chance

Pretty much everybody has heard about fabulous Las Vegas, but not that many people have even given thought to Downtown Las Vegas, also known as Fremont Street. While both Fremont and the strip have their pros and cons, here is a list of 13 reasons you should be giving Downtown Vegas a chance on your next trip!

Beach Essentials

The beach is always a great place to go, and having a list of the must haves is great as well! There have been so many times when I have forgotten something and been disappointed when on the beach, so I decided to make this list! Hopefully you will find it helpful as well, and if I have forgotten anything that you love to bring with you on a beach day, please leave a comment! I would love your feedback!

The Best of Arizona: Road Trip Edition!

I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, and even though I left for college, Tucson is still where I have spent most of my life. Tucson is about 5 hours away from The Grand Canyon, and growing up here meant that for field trips, or weekend trips, that was a place we would visit. As a child I never really understood the beauty, or how amazing The Grand Canyon truly is; I just remember a big hole in the ground. So, a couple of weeks ago I realized I had 5 days off in a row, and came up with the idea to take a solo road trip to The Grand Canyon!

7 Reasons to Love Airbnb

If you don’t know about Airbnb already, you are truly missing out! Airbnb is a website where you can book accommodations for ANYWHERE in the world. Not only can you find places to stay for whatever your destination may be, but you can find all different types of accommodations; from castles and villas, to just a normal private room, or even a couch to sleep on. Airbnb has it all! Prices ranges vary as greatly as the different types of accommodations too! Not only does it have any type of accommodation, but you can find an accommodation for any price range. When looking for myself, I have seen prices as low as $10/night, and all the way up to $1500/night, and I am sure there are higher priced accommodations out there as well!