A Look Back at My 2017 Adventures

If you would have told me how amazing this year would be for me in 2016, I would have never believed you. I have always talked about travel and seeing the world, but 2017 was my year to take action. I dove deep into the world of travel blogging, and I took advantage of some amazing travel deals. I was adventurous, impulsive, and welcoming to new opportunities, and I can definitely say it paid off. 2017 was a roller coaster to say the least… it was a year full of happiness, love, heartbreak, excitement, and challenges, but most of all it was a year that I truly found myself.

My Travel Diaries: A Not So Magical Day at Disneyland Paris

I went to Disneyland Paris today and was very excited to have the chance to go, but my trip was not as magical as I would have hoped. I took the metro to Disney Paris, and it was supposed to be about a 1 hour ride in total. I have been taking the metro everywhere I go in Paris, and I’m by no means a pro, but I do understand how to use it. Well, I ended up going the wrong way on the RER A and went a little out of the way, but I managed to get back on track (ha! Literally!) and was on my way to Disney. When I got there it was really busy, but that is to be expected. Everything was gorgeous though! They still had the Christmas decorations up, and it was magical walking in.

My Travel Diaries: Days 1 and 2 in Paris

Hello! I decided that I would like to share my travels with you as they are happening, and then when I am back home I will write more extensively on the destinations, things to do, packing tips, ect. I hope you enjoy my travels as much as I have so far!

My flight to Paris was with AirFrance, and I was very impressed with the airline! Everyone was so professional, the food was good, and the plane had a lot of room to walk around in. Once I landed and got through immigration and customs, it was time for my adventure to start, and for that to happen I had to figure out the Paris Metro system

Pinterest Travel Hoaxes Not to Fall For

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, and spend way too much time pinning destinations, and DIY projects that will inevitably end up being deemed “Pinterest fails”. Recently I was looking through and trying to organize my likes onto boards, and found some pins of destinations that seemed too good to be true, so I did a little bit of research, and guess what? They were too good to be true. Now that I know the truth, I cannot believe that I actually believed in them at one point, but obviously I did fall for them once. So here are 9 Pinterest hoaxes that I once believed I would visit one day, but now know the truth!

Colorado Springs, My Ultimate Bucket List

I recently took a trip to Colorado Springs, and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was! This trip was not something I booked for pleasure, so the only free day I had while there was Sunday. This made it really hard to see and do everything that I wanted to, and on top of my time constraint, it was snowing the entire time which meant a lot of attractions were closed! Even though I wasn’t able to do a lot of things, I can’t wait to return to this beautiful place, and explore everything! So, in no particular order, here is my ultimate bucket list for visiting Colorado Springs!